About our Oral Surgery Practice

Located in the heart of Waterloo, Dr. Wallace’s clinic now celebrates over thirty five years of specializing in the removal of wisdom teeth and other impacted teeth through local anesthesia, conscious sedation and general anesthesia. In addition to this, Dr. Wallace also treats facial trauma (eg. broken jaws, teeth) and performs oral pathology services related to abnormalities in the mouth (abscesses, tumors).

What you can expect?

To Understand Your Care;

  • Understanding the who (nurses, anesthesiologists), what (type of treatment, risks, fees), where (office vs. in-hospital), when and why of  your surgery (diagnosis, benefits, alternatives,) is a priority. Your treatment is an ongoing dialogue and Dr. Wallace and his staff welcome your questions at any time. From your consultation through to post operative care Dr. Wallace is very accessible, priding himself on reassuring patients on their treatment and what to expect, whether you’re a patient or caretaker of a patient.

A Focus on You;

  • Patient focus has been paramount throughout Dr. Wallace’s career in Waterloo. Your care is put first through a team approach to surgeries, dedicating responsibilities for general anesthesia  to a medical anesthesiologist who remains at your side throughout your surgery. This approach eliminates distractions and allows Dr. Wallace to focus completely on your treatment and deliver superior results.

Continuity of Care;

  • Being the sole surgeon in his practice,  the same people you meet at your consultation will be those delivering your surgery and post-operative care. For after-hours care, Dr. Wallace has shared on-call responsibility with a trusted group of Oral Surgeons in Kitchener Waterloo for over 30 years.  Rest assured that a solution is just a call away.

For more information about Dr. Wallace, a brief biography is available here.