First Time Patients

Initial appointments typically involve our staff taking a detailed medical history, followed by a consultation with Dr. Wallace to evaluate you, provide a diagnosis as well as treatment options. Sometimes surgeries can be performed the day of your consultation, but this will be dependent on your medical history and the nature of the treatment plan. Please note that a consultation and physical examination is mandatory for any patients who will be receiving sedation for surgery.Don't forget these items!

Individuals under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their guardian to consent for treatment. If a guardian is unavailable, they must call Dr. Wallace to discuss treatment and provide consent before any treatment will be provided.

On the day of your consultation, please bring;

  • – The referral slip from your dentist (if not mailed ahead by your dentist)
  • – Any recent x-rays (panorex or periapical films) in digital or hardcopy format (we will promptly return any hard copies to your dentist)
  • – A list of any medications you are taking
  • – Dental Insurance Policy information (if applicable)

In the rare case that you have been pre-screened and know you will be receiving treatment on the day of your consultation, please refer to our pre-surgery checklist here.