Refer With Confidence

I would like to offer my full range of services to you and your patients whenever you have a specific need in your treatment plan. We openly welcome referrals of all ages in the areas of wisdom teeth extractions, multiple or difficult extractions, oral pathology, and facial trauma.

With a history of providing Oral Surgery services for over 30 years in the community, rest assured that;

  • 1) Your patient’s needs will be well taken care of
  • 2) Dr. Wallace will keep you well informed of their treatment

Read more about our practice here to learn about Dr. Wallace’s approach to providng informed treatment and continuity of care.

What might you find unique about our office?

As part of our practice, we have our own General Anaesthetic facility.  A qualified Anaesthetist attends all GA procedures and we are staffed with Senior Registered Nurses who are trained in Anaesthesia and intensive care nursing. We find that having such a facility allows us to treat your patients without the need to visit the hospital and associated administration.

In dealing with our office, you’ll find our staff are extremely easy to deal with and accommodating when it comes to bookings. While we typically book a month out  for sedations, we try to be as flexible as possible to provide your patients with a treatment schedule that can fit their schedule.

Referral forms and supporting panorex’s can either be e-mailed here or physically mailed to our Waterloo office at;

  • 60 Bridgeport Rd. E, Suite 201
  • Waterloo, Ontario
  • N2J 2J9