Oral Surgery Treatments Available

Drs. Tim and Jeff Wallace offer the following services;

Wisdom Tooth Extraction. Involves the extraction of wisdom teeth through local anesthesia, conscious sedation and general anesthesia.

Complex Extractions / Surgical Uncovering and Bracketing of Impacted Teeth. Involves the surgical removal of teeth that may be suggested by your General Dentist. This can also include the uncovering and bracketing of impacted cuspids and molars as part of Orthodontic therapy (eg. braces etc..).

Facial Trauma. Involves emergency or post-operative treatment of facial trauma related to injuries such as fractures to the mandible or maxilla (ie. broken jaw)  and other injuries to the mouth.

Oral Pathology. Involves pathology services related to oral lesions, abscesses, infections and cancers of the mouth.

Implant treatment involving preservation of bone following extractions of the teeth, bone grafting prior to implant placement, and placement of dental implants to replace missing teeth or retain dentures.

Do I need a referral for treatment?

To ensure the best possible care, we recommend that you consult with your general dentist before pursuing specialist care from an Oral Surgeon. In this case, your dentist will send a referral form to our office with the necessary background details for your treatment such as your history and recent x-rays (saving you both time and money).

Should this not be available, individual patients can indeed seek out Dr. Wallace’s services without a referral from their General Dentist.  Rest assured, a thorough medical background will be taken regardless of whether you are a referral or not.