Complex Extractions and Orthodontic Uncoverings

Dr. Wallace offers complex extractions and surgical uncovering or bracketing of impacted teeth.  Read more in the About Our Practice page for more information regarding our approach to your treatment.

Treatments in this area can include;

  • – Multiple extractions
  • – Impacted teeth
  • – Orthodontic exposures and bracketing
  • – Dental / facial infections
  • – Endodontic surgery

What can I expect through the course of my treatment?


Often these types of treatment can be done without a consultation when referred from your general dentist or orthodontist who can provide Dr. Wallace with a clear understanding of the diagnosis and treatment plan.

This type of work is typically referred to Dr. Wallace due to anticipated difficulty, significant oral or facial infections or compromised health of the patient. Having said this, a consultation is needed in cases where patients are undergoing anti-coagulant therapy (taking blood thinners) or undergoing other treatments that may complicate surgery (ie. radiation therapy or dialysis treatment).


Typically this type of treatment is performed under a local anesthetic or conscious sedation while general anesthesia is reserved for more complex surgeries or patients with a history of severe dental anxiety.

In situations where general anesthesia is recommended, it will be administered by a network of certified medical anesthesiologists associated with Grand River and St. Mary’s hospitals. The use of these anesthesiologists allows Dr. Wallace to focus on the primary objective of removing your wisdom teeth as quickly and painlessly as possible while ensuring the best treatment outcome.

Post-Operative Care

Expect a follow-up call the day after your surgery as we would like to ensure that you are comfortable and taken care of.  It may be necessary to return to the office for a post-operative exam if you are experiencing severe pain or if there are any complications.

Please visit our Post-Operative Care page  for more information and guidance.